Erria (One-pager): An asset-light maritime conglomerate active in Denmark, Vietnam, and Singapore


Today we publish our first One-pager on Erria, a shipping and marine services conglomerate with operations in Denmark, Vietnam, and Singapore. Erria runs an asset-light business where it, among other things, operates and manages charter vessels on behalf of large blue-chip clients, and offers container storage and services for shipping and logistics companies operating in Vietnam. Erria is well-positioned to capitalise on macro trends, including trade and export growth from South East Asia, particularly Vietnam, and the green energy transition and growth of offshore wind.

The one-pager below introduces the company, builds understanding around the investment case in Erria, and highlights key investment risks, key investment reasons, as well as showcasing Erria’s relative valuation against a peer group.

To learn more about Erria, you can read the One-pager below, or at You can also catch up on Erria’s introduction to the share event hosted with Erria’s CEO, Henrik Andersen.

Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Erria for a DigitalIR/corporate visibility subscription agreement. /Philip Coombes 10:30 29/03/2023.