NTG | Nordic Transport Group (One-pager): Solving global transport complexities with freight solutions


NTG’s updated one-pager highlights updated strategies following its 2022 annual report, investigates the current company and market outlook and highlights NTG’s relative valuation against a peer group of large freight forwarders.

NTG |Nordic Transport Group is a global freight forwarding company based in Denmark and servicing clients with freight services by road, rail, air, and, ocean. In 2022 the company produced the best results in its history, with record revenues, eps and adj free cash flows. The results were buoyed by strong transport sector momentum, particularly in the first half of the year, as well as, the company’s largest-ever acquisition of Aries Global Logistics (AGL).

For 2023, the market is expected to weaken slightly, as macro conditions dampen consumer confidence and global inventories are depleted. For 2023 NTG looks towards increasing its customer base, targeting stickier contract-based business. Its use of free cash flows to pay down debts in 2022 also results in a financial leverage which can facilitate further acquisitions in its fragmented market.  

Overall there are risks in the market for NTG in 2023, but there can also be opportunities. To learn more about NTG, read the one-pager below or catch up on the latest Presentation of the annual results 2022, with NTG CFO Christian Jakobsen below.

Presentation link: https://www.inderes.dk/videos/ntg-praesentation-af-arsregnskabet-2022

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