Sanoma: Stability and strength in the books

2022-04-27 13:43

Sanoma has transformed from a traditional media house to a considerate player in the segment of learning, which now generates 2/3 of the company's result. At the same time, the dependency of business income on general economic development, i.e., cyclicality has decreased.

Sanoma’s analyst, and author behind the newly published extensive report; Petri Gostowski gives his view on the business and strategy going forward, but also expected return, which together with Sanoma’s low risk level creates a good risk/return ratio.

Extensive report about the company can be read here


00:00 Why Sanoma is an interesting as an investment
02:20 Business units
05:08 News business
07:04 Risk profile
09:17 Strategy
10:45 Financial strength
12:18 Dividend
13:18 Valuation
14:14 Risks