Netcompany (One-pager): Leading digital transformation in Europe's public and private sectors


Read the new Netcompany investment case. Today we post our first One-pager on Netcompany, giving readers an introduction to the company, its investment case, key investment reasons, key investment risks, and relative valuation perspectives against its peer group.

Netcompany is a Danish IT services company specialising in next-generation IT projects that focus on digital transformation through digital platforms, core systems, and infrastructure services in public and private sectors. The company has built a strong position in Denmark, particularly within the public sector, and is expanding its reach in Europe. 

We recently hosted an Introduction to the Share event with Netcompany CEO André Rogaczewski and CFO Thomas Johansen, where they gave a broad introduction to the company, strategy and outlook, as well as Q&A. 

Link to Introduction to the Share event (in Danish):

Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Netcompany for a DigitalIR/corporate visibility subscription agreement. / Philip Coombes 13:15 12.09.2023