Agillic: Announces Viking Venture as its new largest shareholder and injection of new capital

Analyst Comment

Today, Agillic announced Viking Venture as the new largest shareholder with an ownership of 20.48%, including an injection of approx. DKK 22.5m in new capital (share capital increase of 7.81%). The acquired shares will be a combination of existing shares sold by six existing Agillic shareholders and issuing of new shares to market price, corresponding to DKK 28.08 per share. The registration of the capital increase is expected on or around 24 March 2023.

In connection with the transaction, two representatives from Viking Venture, Joar Welde and Martin S. Eriksen, will be nominated at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. Joar Welde is nominated as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Agillic’s current Chair of the Board of Directors, Johnny Henriksen, will step down as Chair, and Mikael Konnerup and Michael Moesgaard will not stand for re-election.

Viking Venture is a Nordic software investor headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. The company invests in business-to-business software companies with international potential. With their competencies and financial power, they are expected to support and further accelerate Agillic’s growth and profitability plans.

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HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Agillic for a Corporate Visibility/Digital IR subscription agreement. /Kasper Lihn 17:30, 14 March 2023.