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Inderes' Model Portfolio: an Introduction

Video 2022-06-30

Inderes' Model Portfolio is a real money equity portfolio that invests in Finnish equities. The starting capital of 50 000 euros has multiplied since the launch in 2011. Analyst Sauli Vilén gives a quick introduction to the content of the portfolio and...


Innofactor: Processor still has underutilized potential

Extensive company report Joni Grönqvist 2022-06-29#Innofactor

Innofactor's turnaround progressed convincingly for a couple of years, driven by a strong Finnish business. Last year, earnings growth stopped and now the company seeks return to growth. Innofactor revised its organizational structure last year and refined...


Making sense of ESG

Video 2022-06-28

We are the first ones to admit that ESG, as a topic, suits well in the “larger than life” category. In this video Karolina Loikkanen, head of ESG solutions at Inderes, gives an introduction on how to approach the subject, and where to begin when searching...


Neste: Margins in Oil Products at record levels

Company report Petri Gostowski 2022-06-21#Neste

We have increased our short-term earnings estimates particularly for the Oil Products segment, reflecting the favorable market situation. However, we haven’t made any changes to our longer-term forecasts, as we don’t expect the sharp rise in the refining...


Fortum: Positive risks on the rise in midst of uncertainty

Company report Juha Kinnunen 2022-06-21#Fortum

Fortum's situation is still confusing due to the European energy crisis resulting from Russian military action, but we believe that the likelihood of a rapid exit from Russia has improved. In addition, with Germany’s Energy Security Act, Uniper's worst...


Outokumpu Capital Markets Day 2022 - Thursday, Jun. 16 at 10:00 am EEST

Video 2022-06-13#Outokumpu

Follow Outokumpu's Capital Markets Day on Thursday, June 16 at 10:00 am EEST.


Stora Enso: Cyclical risk haunts even though guidance increased

Company report Antti-Pekka Viljakainen 2022-06-14#Stora Enso

Stora Enso issued a positive earnings revision yesterday for the current year, but the expected revision did not change estimates much. We feel the risk of Stora Enso’s cyclical earnings peak approaching is significant, which we believe the market is...


Spinnova Investor Day – Tuesday, June 14 at 2:30 pm EEST

Video 2022-06-07#Spinnova

Spinnova organizes an investor day on Tuesday, June 14. The event begins at 2:30 pm EEST. You can watch the event live on inderesTV.


Sampo: a Dividend Machine

Video 2022-06-13#Sampo

Sampo is a Nordic insurance business group known for its high dividend yield and excellent underwriting performance. The company has recently made a transformation from a conglomerate to a pure insurance business with operations in the Nordic and Baltic...


Alma Media: Value creation with a digital business portfolio

Extensive company report Petri Gostowski 2022-06-13#Alma Media

Most of Alma Media's income streams are generated by digital businesses with excellent competitiveness and strong market positions. Considering these factors, we believe the company has rather good conditions for long-term value creation. This is also...


Konecranes President & CEO Announcement, Friday June 10 at 12:00 CET

Video 2022-06-10#Konecranes

Follow Konecranes's President & CEO Announcement on Friday, June 10 at 13:00 EEST on inderesTV.


What does EU taxonomy and climate targets mean for investors?

Article 2022-06-13

ESG is a broad area, covering e.g. equality issues, human rights and the environment. The elements are value-laden and there is no reasonable way to determine which ESG issues are more valuable than others. However, I think it is worthwhile for investors...


Deep-dive: Leveraging digital learning 09.06.2022 at 10:00 CET

Video 2022-06-09#Sanoma

The broadcast will start automatically on this page 09.06.2022 at 11:00 EEST or 10:00 CET.