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OMXHPI -1.44 %
ZESEC +62.5 %
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Stockmann: Changing name to Lindex?

Stockmann announced today that it is planning to change the name of the company to Lindex and is investigating strategic options for the Department Stores business. Analyst Rauli Juva comments on the news.

Video2023-09-25 by Rauli Juva, Sara Antonacci
Starbreeze: PAYDAY 3's launch numbers look promising, but technical issues persist

During launch weekend, PAYDAY 3 had a peak of concurrent players (CCU) across all platforms of 218,250, and a peak of 1,347,510 unique players (DAU). The numbers look promising, but the technical issues experienced late last week have persisted, angering the community.

Analyst Comment2023-09-25 by Anton Damstén
Stockmann investigates strategic alternatives for department stores and is changing to Lindex

Stockmann announced today that it is planning to change the name of the company to Lindex and is investigating strategic options for the Department Stores business. The investigation is expected to be completed in 2024. Stockmann also announced a capital markets day to be held in November. We feel selling the department stores would be clearly positive for the value of the company.

Analyst Comment2023-09-25 by Rauli Juva
Forest companies’ consensus forecasts continued declining sharply during the earnings season

We have reviewed UPM’s, Stora Enso’s and Metsä Board’s post-Q2 consensus forecasts and their changes. Forest companies’ consensus forecasts for 2023 started to decline last fall, when the slowdown in economic growth began to affect the demand outlook (incl. a drop in inventories), global supply improved as COVID bottlenecks eased, and inflation continued.

Analyst Comment2023-09-25 by Antti Viljakainen
Starbreeze: PAYDAY 3 servers overwhelmed by player count at release

PAYDAY 3 was officially released yesterday to all intended platforms. During the first hours of the launch, PAYDAY 3 had a peak of concurrent players (CCU) across all platforms of more than 220,000 and 924,204 unique players (DAU). As the player count increased, the game’s servers were unable to meet demand, and the game was inaccessible from around 21:45

Analyst Comment2023-09-22 by Anton Damstén
Strong demand has invigorated profitability levels on the fireplace market

2022 was a challenging year for many consumer product companies due to consumers’ weakened purchasing power and extremely low consumer confidence.

Analyst Comment2023-09-22 by Thomas Westerholm
Nightingale Health H2 on Thursday: Eyes kept on the horizon

In the report, we are particularly interested in the recently announced expanding Terveystalo cooperation, the steps of the new strategy, and the progress of the Welltus cooperation. In terms of company figures, our attention is, in addition to the development of revenue in Japan, on the development of the cash position.

Analyst Comment2023-09-22 by Antti Luiro
NIBE – Håller sig sval i väntan på värmen

NIBE är väl positionerat i sin bransch för att dra nytta av den globala omställningen mot hållbara energisystem. Meritlistan för lönsam tillväxt är stark och företaget har varit framgångsrikt i att skapa värde genom förvärv. Analytiker Lucas Mattsson diskuterar NIBE som case och pratar allt från de tre olika affärsområdena till värdering och rekommendation.

Video2023-09-21 by Jesper Hagman, Lucas Mattsson
Community har en ny anställd - Jesper Hagman

Jesper Hagman är det nya tillskottet till den svenska communityn. Jesper kommer utföra olika typer av intervjuer så tveka inte en sekund med att höra av er med frågor som ni vill att analytikerna ska få svara på. Utöver intervjuerna kommer Jesper delta på forumet samt sprida det innehåll vi producerar på olika sociala kanaler.

Video2023-09-21 by Jesper Hagman
Ascelia Pharma: Wrap up on interview with CEO Magnus Corfitzen

Ascelia Pharma: Wrap up on interview with CEO Magnus Corfitzen

Analyst Comment2023-09-21 by Claus Thestrup
Tecnotree wins a new customer in Nigeria

Under the contract announced yesterday by Tecnotree, the company will supply Nigerian virtual network operator Bricklinks Africa PLC with its traditional BSS products (Switch), as well as its digital wallet solution (DiWa) and digital marketplace platform Moments.

Analyst Comment2023-09-21 by Roni Peuranheimo
LapWall has signed contracts worth EUR 4 million during early fall at its Pyhäntä unit

The weak cycle in the construction sector also keeps the risks associated with LapWall’s forecasts elevated especially looking to next year, although so far, the company has been able to reach a tolerable volume due to the relatively normal pull of the roof element segment driven by industrial and public construction.

Analyst Comment2023-09-21 by Antti Viljakainen
KAFFERAST och Starbreeze snack

Vid smyglansering av PAYDAY 3 uppstod en del tekniskt trubbel. Även aktien har åkt nedförsbacke i veckan. Den verkliga releasen sker i morgon, torsdag 21 september och förhandsintresset är fortfarande på topp och mottagandet är hittills lovande.

Video2023-09-20 by Isa Hudd, Anton Damstén
Feeling like Goldilocks...

Typically, you get most attention on social media like financial twitter (or X) by publishing the most shocking graph of the weak economic situation and announcing in the same breath that the recession is just around the corner. It remains the responsibility of the viewer to decide how relevant the publication is as a predictor of the recession.

Article2023-09-20 by Marianne Palmu
Scandinavian Medical Solutions (One-pager): Continues impressive growth and upgrades guidance for the fourth time in 2022/2023

Following Scandinavian Medical Solutions' guidance upgrade for the fourth time in the accounting period 2022/2023, we have updated the investment case one-pager.

Research2023-09-20 by Kasper Lihn
Qlife: Wrap up from interview with CEO Thomas Warthoe

Qlife: Wrap up from interview with CEO Thomas Warthoe

Analyst Comment2023-09-19 by Claus Thestrup
Componenta: Foundation for growth has been cast

Componenta, a foundry and machining services company, has undergone a significant restructuring over the last 5-7 years, resulting in increased cost flexibility, improved profitability and lower risk levels. We expect moderate growth and stable profitability in the coming years. The valuation of the stock is favorable by all measures.

Extensive research2023-09-19 by Erkki Vesola
Starbreeze: Close to 150,000 unique players during PAYDAY 3’s first 18 hours of early access

According to Starbreeze’s press release, PAYDAY 3 had close to 150,000 unique players (DAU) during the first 18 hours of early access, excluding PlayStation 5. The company also stated that Starbreeze Nebula currently stands at over 1.6 million registered users.

Analyst Comment2023-09-19 by Anton Damstén
Quota Bear Edition OMXH to 5,000 points

In this posts, let’s about a budding bull market, followed by annual bear comments. I've brought up so many encouraging comments about cheap Finnish stocks that it's time for a little variation.

Article2023-09-19 by Verneri Pulkkinen