SaaS Deep Dive - Outlook for 2023 and market drivers

On 30 March 2023 from 09:30 – 11:30, we are hosting a virtual Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deep dive event to shed light on the software outlook for 2023 and get management insights into underlying market drivers from software companies in different markets. We have invited the management from Impero (Compliance), MapsPeople (Digital Indoor Mapping), and Penneo (Digital Signature and KYC), who will present their view on the current market outlook within their markets.

Looking into the beginning of 2023, we have seen much macroeconomic uncertainty, which has prolonged or changed sales processes for many software companies. However, the ongoing digital transformation continues, and this deep dive event will look into different software markets based on underlying market drivers and trends.

The scene and topic will be presented by HC Andersen Capital analysts Michael Friis and Kasper Lihn, who will set the scene for the topic and discuss the recent and expected global market development in the software industry. You can also ask questions during the event.

Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment from MapsPeople, Impero and Penneo for a DigitalIR/Corporate Visibility agreement./Kasper Lihn 15.09 PM 15 March 2023.