Zerion Pharma – A disruptive solution for poor drug solubility

By HC Andersen Capital

Meet Zerion Pharma’s management – CEO Ole Wiborg who will run through the investment proposal and business case.

Zerion Pharma is a non-listed Danish company seeking €2-3m in a private placement round.

The company aims to make a real difference in health care with its Dispersome™ technology in relation to the formulation of new and existing drugs. Poor drug solubility is one of the main reasons for drug development failure. ZERION has a solution - Dispersome® - a technology that increases the chance of success for new drug development, allows for improvement of existing drugs enabling more new drugs to reach the market, and leads to improved treatment of patients as well as reduced toxic waste. The Dispersome technology makes it possible to reduce the amount of active drugs in a given product by 75%.

Disclaimer: HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Zerion Pharma for a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility agreement. Zerion Pharma is a private company (i.e. not listed on a regulated stock market). Investors should therefore be aware of the potential risks that can be associated with investing in a private company, including liquidity conditions, how shares are traded as well as the process of the specific capital raise. /Claus Thestrup 13.01 02/03-2023.