Green Hydrogen Systems

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Green Hydrogen Systems is an electrolyser Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and clean tech company founded in 2007. Green Hydrogen Systems develops and manufactures electrolysis solutions to produce green hydrogen. The company’s production is in Kolding, Denmark. The company was listed at Nasdaq Copenhagen in June 2021, raising DKK 1.1 billion in gross proceeds to significant scale-up the electrolysis capacity. Green Hydrogen Systems aspires to reach more than 200 MW in 2025 corresponding to a revenue of more than DKK 1,000 million with a gross profit margin of approx. 25% in 2025.

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Green Hydrogen Systems (One-pager): Positioned for the green transition

Today, we have released an updated version of our investment case one-pager on Green Hydrogen Systems following its annual report for 2022 and the company’s new medium-term targets for 2025 and 2026. The investment case one-pager provides insights into key investment reasons and risks as well as perspectives on valuation multiples across listed peers within the green hydrogen market.

2023-03-17 by Kasper Lihn

QuickTake uge 2: Ugens højdespringere og Novo Nordisk

I denne uges QuickTake tager vi et kig på ugens højdespringere, herunder Green Hydrogen Systems, Bang & Olufsen, NTR Holding, WindowMaster og GreenMobility. Derudover kommer vi omkring Novo Nordisk og diskussionen om prissætningen.

2023-01-14 by Kasper Lihn
Analyst Comment

HCA Market Close 06/01 2023 – Featuring Danske Bank and Green Hydrogen Systems.

HCA Market Close 06/01 2023 – Danske Bank and Green Hydrogen Systems feature among the week’s winners in the first quick take of 2023.

2023-01-06 by Philip Coombes
Analyst Comment

HCA Market Close 01.11.22: featuring Tryg, Scandinavian Medical Solutions, and Green Hydrogen Systems

HCA Market Close 01.11.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions (SMS) upgraded its guidance today, while Tryg and Green Hydrogen Systems host Q3 events with HC Andersen Capital tomorrow. European markets gain while US markets fall. driven by rumours of China reopening and an unexpected rebound in US job openings.

2022-11-01 by Philip Coombes

Green Hydrogen Systems: One-pager

The demand for green hydrogen is expected to increase significantly from currently less than 1 GW installed to around 80- 100 GW installed in 2030 according to various projections. The market demand is highly supported by the green transition agenda, recently pushed by political initiatives as well as demand from leading global companies such as Amazon’s investments in green hydrogen companies. Politicians now expect green hydrogen to be a key solution in solving the hard part of the energy transition, namely in the industry and heavy transportation.

2022-09-05 by Kasper Lihn