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North Media A/S provides platforms for connecting businesses with customers physically and digitally. It was listed on the OMX Nasdaq Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1996. North Media’s ambition is to pay out stable, attractive dividends. North Media is organized into two business areas, Last Mile and Digital Services. The company is further split into its four business segments, reflecting the Group’s four companies: FK Distribution, BoligPortal, Ofir, and BeKey. Its market-leading company FK Distribution packs and distributes printed matter to households throughout Denmark and operates a digital coupon platform, “minetilbud”. BoligPortal matches landlords and tenants on Denmark’s leading home rentals platform and offers a range of subscription-based data solutions. Ofir connects employers and candidates on job platforms and social media, supported by a unique database. Bekey offers secure digital access solutions for home care services, distributors and property administrators.

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Rasmus Køjborg
Rasmus Køjborg
Head of Research, Stables
Philip Coombes
Philip Coombes
Equity Research Analyst

Financial calendar

North Media (One-pager): Connecting businesses to customers through platforms

Today we post North Media’s updated one-pager outlining the updated investment case as macroeconomic conditions remain challenging, but the company continues to generate solid cash flows relative to its valuation and realise growth in its digital services.

Research2023-05-10 by Philip Coombes, Rasmus Køjborg
Financial Calendar 2023

Regulatory press release2022-12-21
HCA Market close 02.11.22 - Featuring North Media, Xplora, Odico

Markets fall in anticipation of the Fed rate hike decision. while... North Media publishes Q3 earnings, Xplora announces a significant partnership in Germany, and Odico announces a new order.

Analyst Comment2022-11-02 by Philip Coombes