Solar energy solution, charging park and storage - without having to invest


Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions strengthen its offer and presents the Energy as a service concept. The concept means that property owners can invest in a large-scale solar energy solution with associated energy storage and charging - without an own investment. The property owner only buys the electricity from the solar panels. Per Zetterberg, manager of the business model, talks about the solution and how it can be compared to having a green cash cow on the roof.

Soltech Energy Solutions is one of the Soltech Group's operating companies within advanced energy systems, energy storage and large-scale solar energy solutions. The company is now investing heavily in helping property owners, industrial- and electricity trading companies with a financing model that facilitates investments in green energy solutions and remove obstacles that can inhibit the willingness to invest.

Energy as a service means that Soltech Energy Solutions finances, installs, and maintain the roof- or ground-mounted solar installations, which allows the property owner to focus on their core business while avoiding burdening the balance sheet with the initial investment, which Soltech takes care of.

– The concept was developed to speed up the green transition and help our customers create predictability in times characterized by unpredictability. This gives them a low electricity price over time, no start-up costs and an opportunity to sell excess energy. The combination of advantages means that Energy as a service is often equated with having a green cash cow on the roof, says Per Zetterberg, Commercial Manager Financial Services at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Strengthens the companies' resilience
Times of economic turmoil can result in in deprioritizing of investments in green energy. High electricity prices and power problems in the local power grids also create a perfect storm that is increasingly affects Swedish companies. To mitigate the effects, and in the long run avoid them completely, the energy concept aims to helping the real estate owners to weather the storm.

– We clearly feel that many businesses notice the great potential in this type of business model. The fact that, in addition to solar cells, we also can add energy storage and charging solutions behind the same grid connection creates an overall solution, and the fact that we already have over 30 MWp in the pipe shows that this concept is in demand, says Per Zetterberg.

Step by step: this is how the Energy as a service concept works:

1. Electricity trade agreement is signed
The property owner only signs an electricity trading agreement to buy the solar electricity that the solar energy solution produce. Everything from fixed contracts to contracts with moving parts based on spot price. Common to all agreements is that a long-term individual plan is always established.

2. Solar installation
The property owner "lends" his roof or land to Soltech, who then installs and maintains the solar system. The property owner does not have to bear the investment for the installation or be responsible for operation or maintenance. Even large-scale energy storage and charging park solutions can be tied together in one installation.

3. Long-term guaranteed electricity price
After the installation, the property owner does not have to worry about volatile electricity prices and power shortages in the local grid. The concept creates long-term value and predictability over the entire contract period, which is often around 20 years. After that, the facility can be transferred if there is interest.