Sampo Q2’22: If is in Excellent Shape


Sampo Group posted a strong second quarter results driven by the crown jewel of group, property and casualty insurance business If. If's CEO Morten Thorsrud comments on the results, business drivers, inflation ja competitive landscape.

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00:00 Main drivers behind If results
00:44 Revenue growth was 8,4 % in the second quarter. Could give as u breakdown between volume and pricing growth?
02:10 The absence of large claims and rising discount rate helped your profitability. How much these helped with the fantastic results?
03:35 Last time we spoke inflation was not an issue, but now it’s clearly spinning out of hand. How does this affect claims? How fast If is able to move rising prices into insurance prices?
05:43 Investment incomes are gradually making a come back. This might be the eight time I ask this from Sampos management, but does this tailwind bring more competition in the insurance market in the future?
07:14 Update on co-operation and share of best practices with Hastings?
08:30 Why does UK insurance market differ so much form the Nordic market in terms of competition?