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Alma Media operates in the media sector. Within the company, the main focus is on digital media, where the offer consists of news content that concerns lifestyle, career, and finances. The group has a number of brands, the more well-known of which include Kauppalehti. The customers are located in the Nordic countries, the Baltics, and Europe and consist of private consumers. The head office is located in Helsinki.

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Petri Gostowski
Petri Gostowski
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Interim report

Alma Media: Tight labor market drives growth

Company report Petri Gostowski 2022-07-21#Alma Media

Alma Media’s Q2 report published yesterday was largely in line with expectations, even though the operating result fell short of our estimates that we raised in connection with the preliminary result. We made no substantial changes to our estimates and...


Alma Media Q2'22 – Wednesday, Jul. 20 at 11:00 am EEST

Video 2022-07-17#Alma Media

Follow Alma Media's Q2'22 info on Wednesday, July 20 at 11:00 am EEST on inderesTV.


Alma Media: Value creation with a digital business portfolio

Extensive company report Petri Gostowski 2022-06-13#Alma Media

Most of Alma Media's income streams are generated by digital businesses with excellent competitiveness and strong market positions. Considering these factors, we believe the company has rather good conditions for long-term value creation. This is also...


Alma Media: Lively sales in marketplaces

Company report Petri Gostowski 2022-04-25#Alma Media

Alma Media's Q1 report published on Friday was excellent, mainly based on rapid growth in the recruitment business. Growth was also effectively transferred to the result, reflecting the high margins of the business. In particular, excellent Q1 figures...


Alma Media Q1/2022 - Friday, April 22 at 11:00am EEST

Video 2022-04-20#Alma Media

Welcome to follow Alma Media Q1/2022 on Friday, April 22 at 11:00am EEST.


Alma Media: Uncertainty casts a shadow on the operating environment

Company report Petri Gostowski 2022-03-14#Alma Media

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing economic side effects have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the European economy. As a result, we believe that Alma Media's business environment has become much more uncertain, based on the sensitivity of...


Alma Media: Towards new targets

Company report Petri Gostowski 2022-02-17#Alma Media

The Q4 result, published by Alma Media yesterday, was below our estimates despite the continued strong revenue growth reflecting faster than expected increase in costs. The company's guidance indicated that revenue and operating profit growth will continue...


Alma Media Q4'21 - Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 11:00 am EET

Video 2022-02-14#Alma Media

Live webcast on February 16,at 11.00 EET. Questions are taken via our chat functionality!


Alma Media: Record high profitability boosted estimates

Company report Petri Gostowski 2021-10-22#Alma Media

The Q3 report published by Alma Media yesterday was a little better than we expected as the higher-than-expected profitability pushed the Q3 result beyond our estimates. As a result, we made positive estimate changes to our result expectations for the...


Alma Media: Core transformation and growth templates

Company report Petri Gostowski 2021-09-17#Alma Media

Yesterday, Alma Media organized a capital markets day (CMD). During the CMD, the company offered an in-depth look on the current state of the three business areas and their growth potential. Furthermore, the company announced new long-term financial ...


Alma Media: Demand recovers quickly

Company report Petri Gostowski 2021-07-22#Alma Media

Q2 figures published by Alma Media yesterday corresponded as a whole well with our increased estimates after the positive earnings revision. Considering this we only make slight changes to our estimates for the next few years at Group level and expect...


Alma Media: Revenue growth efficiently reflected in result

Company report Petri Gostowski 2021-07-19#Alma Media

Alma Media will publish its Q2 report on Wednesday at around 8 am. A clearly higher revenue and operating result than in the comparison period are expected, which is supported by strong market recovery and inorganic growth. We have raised our estimates...


Alma Media: A broad spread of digital services

Extensive company report Petri Gostowski 2021-05-28#Alma Media

Alma Media has carried out a considerable transition as the business focus has shifted to high-profitability digital businesses that form good two-thirds of the company’s revenue. Due to growing digital businesses and recent acquisitions, we believe ...


Alma Media's Capital Markets Day 2018 Live webcast on December 4, at 09:00

Video 2018-12-02#Alma Media

Wellcome to join Alma Media's Capital Markets Day 2018 - The Live webcast will be available on December 4, at 09:00.