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Innofactor operates in the IT sector. The company is focused on offering services in digitization and cloud-based solutions. Examples of business areas include sales, marketing and communication, business intelligence, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The largest presence is found in the Nordic market and customers consist of small and medium-sized corporate customers. The head office is located in Espoo.

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Joni Grönqvist
Joni Grönqvist
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Financial calendar

Interim report

Innofactor: Still work to do in the rest of the year

Company report Joni Grönqvist 2022-07-22#Innofactor

Innofactor's net sales decreased and was slightly below expectations in Q2 driven by weak billable utilization. This pushed the result clearly below estimates in Q2 and we expect this will also burden H2 and the company will not reach its guidance. Positive...


Innofactor: Processor still has underutilized potential

Extensive company report Joni Grönqvist 2022-06-29#Innofactor

Innofactor's turnaround progressed convincingly for a couple of years, driven by a strong Finnish business. Last year, earnings growth stopped and now the company seeks return to growth. Innofactor revised its organizational structure last year and refined...


IT service sector Q1 summary: Great start for the year with rest of the year looking good

Analyst Comment Joni Grönqvist 2022-05-30#Digia

The Q1 earnings period of the Finnish IT service sector was good across the line, despite the headwinds in the talent market. The sector's customer demand remained good and organic growth that we monitor particularly closely was 7% (median), which now...


Innofactor: Stronger view would require more track-record

Company report Joni Grönqvist 2022-04-27#Innofactor

Net sales fell and remained slightly below expectations, but the result was in line with expectations. A positive highlight of the report was that after a long while the number of personnel turned to growth. Personnel development together with a good...


Q4 IT service sector summary: Good performance despite headwinds

Analyst Comment Joni Grönqvist 2022-03-17#Bilot

The Q4 earnings period was good for the Finnish IT services sector despite the headwinds caused by the challenging expert market. Customer demand in the market remained good and the average revenue growth of the companies we followed was 17% (Q3’21: ...


Innofactor: Calmly forward despite headwinds

Company report Joni Grönqvist 2022-02-18#Innofactor

Although the company's result still grew, it was below our estimates. The order backlog and improved cost structure still support earnings growth, which the company's guidance also expects as usual. However, the tight expert market and Swedish business...


Innofactor: Aiming at stronger growth

Extensive company report Joni Grönqvist 2021-06-17#Innofactor

Innofactor’s earnings turnaround has progressed convincingly for more than two years and brought forth the strong earnings potential of the company’s Finnish business. The Finnish business is already close to the long-term 20% growth and 20% EBITDA target...


Innofactor's Q1'2019 interview

Video 2019-05-16#Innofactor

Innofactor's CEO Sami Ensio comments key points of Q1'2019 and outlook for 2019 - profitability and orders increased compared to 2018. Innofactor’s future outlook for 2019: Innofactor’s net sales and operating margin (EBITDA) in 2019 is estimated to ...


Innofactor: key points of year 2018 and outlook for 2019

Video 2019-03-13#Innofactor

Innofactor's CEO Sami Ensio comments key points of Q4 and the entire year 2018 and outlook for 2019. 00:09 Year 201801:25 What measures you took last year to fix the situation and what kind of an impact you expect it to have on 2019?03:40 Outlook for...